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25 years ago…..
        I was in my School Principal’s room awaiting my admission into class XI as my Principal went through my marks statement and application form. My principal asked me with a surprised tone, “Why have I not chosen Science group (so called the First group) though having scored 100 in Math and 85 in Science”?
         I was puzzled as I really didn’t have any specific answer to that question. But I was sure of one thing: that I am not going to study Science simply because I find drawing diagrams malicious. So I replied with a feeble voice, “I like Accounting, so I have chosen this group”. Honestly speaking, I absolutely had no clue what Accounting is all about at that time except that it involves some sort of calculation similar to a Math subject. She looked at my father expecting him to throw in his views on the matter. Instead he politely replied, “Give whatever she likes”. Finally my Principal signed my forms with a strange look there by approving my admission for the Accountancy group. [So called last group].
       I was in my first day of class 11. We were all told to assemble in a multipurpose hall for the morning prayers. The entire class 11 students (that includes all subject groups) formed a line to move in to the hall. A gigantic teacher approached us and informed the order of groups in which we will have to proceed into the hall. The Science group students were asked to move first in the line and they proceeded with pride. The Accountancy students were allowed to move in at last. I was upset with the way groups were named as the first/last. However these grading did not stop with that. The Science [I hate to call them as FIRST] group students were always given priority be it assembly presentation, sports day activities, section leader, or anything.  We, the commerce students were always looked down in the eyes of other students as if we were aliens.
15 years ago…
      My niece who was in her 9th standard asked me, “Did you score very low marks in your 10th grade?” I was surprised with her question and asked her why she thought so. She said, “My teachers warned us today that if we don’t score good marks in the X board exam, then we will be given admission only into commerce group”. I was glad that she at least didn’t learn the label “last group”. I tried to convince her, but in vain!
1 year ago…
       I was proudly announcing my daughter’s 10th [ICSE BOARD] exam results to my relatives and friends. She scored 90%. As usual they were curious to know if she was joining the Science stream.  My daughter firmly said NO and expressed her interest to join the Management stream- Accountancy, Business studies, Economics & Maths though she had a like for Biology. The immediate response from most of them was “WHY? Having scored good marks, why didn’t you choose Science? My daughter said,” I have no purpose in continuing with Science as it is not going to be my career”. Her voice was very clear, not like mine!
Here comes my concern:
• Why even today, the other streams are looked down in terms of education?
• Why does the state Government give ranking, recognition and credibility to only the First (Science group) and the Second (Computer science) group students in the 12th board examinations?
• If at all students show interest to take up the Commerce or the Accountancy group, they are demotivated by parents/peers/relatives/surprisingly by School management also.
• In no way, the amount of effort/intelligence/career scope is less for other stream students.

       It has become so common that, after completing their Bachelors in Engineering many students find their passion into something else. Some do MBA after B.E., some are still confused about the next steps, some accept the campus offer, and while few others totally shift their career listening to what their heart says.
And why this dilemma prevails?
       Most of our students are groomed to become Engineers and Doctors, and pathetically, this starts even when they are in their 7thstandard. In some schools they have been prepared (produced?) to opt for Science. Students are denied of thinking in a broad spectrum or to think of a combination of two or more areas of interest.
       Few months back we were all proud about Prema, a Mumbai based student originally from TamilNadu who topped in her CA exam. But to see more Prema’s where the motivation for our students lies in? How could there be more students developed into this stream if we misguide or divert their potential at the earlier stage itself?
      I think it is necessary to bring in a revolution to change the mindset of those people looking down at Commerce or the Accountancy subjects. Looking up to this issue is the need of the hour and will be of great importance. It is essential to address this matter as the admission into class XI and colleges are just across. To start with, let’s demand and expect equal rights for all subjects.
    Mrs. Jayanthi Ramesh
Corporate trainer & Teacher trainer