The Task of an Assignment
     Many a times, teachers expect their students to submit their work on time. But, how many teachers correct the work assigned by them, on time? This question resonates within the students, and myself, who do not receive their evaluation by the expected timeA teacher’s work doesn’t stop when the task is assigned to their students.             
    It actually starts when the students submit their work. The main aim of assignment should be focusing on self learning and reflection. So the actual learning strengthens only when the students try the task on their own and the teachers respond to such tasks as soon as it is submitted.  For this process to be most effective, the feedback must be immediate or as rapid as possible in the case of written work. 
      But in practice, many teachers are not able to, ordo not showinterest to provide such support to the learners. The reason may be that the number of students assigned the task might be too overwhelming to evaluate on time or that the assignment is merely given for the sake of records and is undervalued by the teacher itself. This depends on the school’s policy, the teachers’ commitment, the time frame, and many more.
This may lead the students to question the value of their integrity to submit the task on time, and lead them to believe it that the student-teacher relationship is not reciprocal
     And, another important issue in assigning the task is the question of fairness. Here, it is vital for the teachers to make sure that the task assigned matches with what the students learn in class. Of course, sometimes the purpose of the task itself could be challenging enough for the learners to learn on their own, to encourage research and self-initiative. But, again, this has to be clearly communicated and discussed with them in advance, in terms of expectation, preparation, resources, planning,execution, submission.
       And sometimes, schools have timetables to assign the task. This means that, on which day, which subject should be given, is pre-decided. Though this sounds great and systematic, some teachers prefer to break this rule for either flexibility or mere accountability. Sometimes, a heavy load of homework implies that the students aren’t left totally free, which makes it easier to rope them back to tasks. Their motto would be “to keep them engaged. But at what cost?At the cost of the students’ proliferation towards the subject.
       The entire teaching and learning consists of planning, implementing, assessing and evaluation.  Assignment, if it ignites the mind of students in a positive and healthy way, can do wonders. It actually can become a great self learning and enriching tool for the students. It depends on how well and effectively it is used and responded to.
    Mrs. Jayanthi Ramesh
Corporate trainer & Teacher trainer