Profile of Ms. Nidhi Kicha
"My journey of drawing started from 8th std and my interest grew after that. And it helps me find peace while drawing. And still amazes how realistic a drawing can be. All you need is patience and passion. And that's how art is my passion now"
Nidhi Khicha has been in the field for the past 9 years as a Pencil sketch artist. She is specialized in realistic portraits and uses graphite, colours, charcoal as mediums. She holds an account on Instagram @bnw_treasures and is open to take commission orders. 
She completed a certificate course on portraits from Institute of Design, Nugumbakkam. She has five years of experience in teaching children of all ages.
She believes there is true magic in black and white when placed right. She's trains young artists with right techniques to bring realism in any art
She is looking forward to start taking courses on pencil sketching and portraits.
For more details, 
Contact : 9940531124